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What are the realistic chances of me securing a job as aircrew in the FAA?

Okay, so I know the question in the title is a bit of a broad one, but let me explain.

I have offers from universities to study music production at degree level. I applied to university as I didn't want to risk failing to land a place elsewhere and being stuck at home after my A levels. Since recieving my offers I have been speaking with old friends of mine who have since applied to the military, and annoyingly it has reignited my initial dreams of being aircrew in the military. For various reasons I have always wanted to be a pilot, however due to my not 20/20 vision, the RAF never really posed as a choice, and for that reason I looked into the Navy and for a long while I was set on joining. My dilemma is that although I have heard about how great an officer career in the Navy can be - I don't see myself sticking out a job in Warfare or anything other than aircrew for that matter. Realistically, If I was to get through FAT's, the AIB and all the medicals etc, how is the current situation on drafts for the FAA and do I stand any chance of becoming a pilot? I am very lucky to recieve the offers I did from university, but I would happily sacrifice that place if there was a fair chance I could land a place at BRNC.
I know you can't answer for certain, but I suppose I'm basically asking is if the RN are taking on pilots?
Sorry for the lengthy question, and thank you in advance for any responses.
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