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Much as I dislike the current box-ticking approach to licencing (it turns everyone into a sausage factory) the old "Hate Sheets" were in fact CBT - they were recording what the student could competently do, and what needed more training.

The alternative (never really been used in Australia, as far as I know) is the hours/lesson based scheme - Bloggs has spent 1 hr doing steep turns, so that box is ticked and ignored henceforth. Other countries have used this approach: done the lesson - tick - the result of each lesson - ignored; the only measurement of competency being the final licence test. No wonder people have been terrified of flight tests.

I believe the current emphasis on detailed recording is actually moving us away from competency - there is no real ability to half-tick a box, to say Bloggs doesn't need a repeat lesson but does need to practice steep turns again. Especially when students fly with many different instructors - the most an instructor can do is look at the ticked boxes and think "Bloggs has done steep turns" - at least if you flew with Bloggs last week, you'll remember that he steep turns needed some more practice, you might even remember why!
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