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Couldn't agree more. The whole process has turned into a bureaucratic nightmare. In actual fact I think we know less about our students than we used to. Where we used to have comprehensive note taking that gave us a realistic overview, you could get a very efficient snapshot of how a student was progressing. We now have tables, graphs, matrix's etc. It certainly satisfies CASA and keeps them happy. The whole process is about satisfying CASA and covering our arses. An enormous cost to industry to implement. In fact the cost to my own business for this implementation alone, is more than our profit from the 2013/2014 year. All under a Government that proposes to be a supporter of small business, and reducing red tape. Cant wait till the next election. My vote will be going straight to the Dick Smith Party. Hopefully the industry can limp through and survive till the next election. I have no doubt that many small businesses will be forced into financial ruin before we get an opportunity.
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