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Originally Posted by nessim View Post
(That incident was raised about 100 pages ago, FWIW. )
Could be a worthwhile line of inquire ... but if the FO put on his O2 mask, would that not mitigate the effects?
Putting on the O2 masks seems to be what the captain and FO did in that case.
As I read the summary in the previous post, in the 2010 incident they were at lower altitude and presumably at lower cabin altitude.
Not sure if being at a higher cabin altitude would accelerate the effects of that kind of fumes intrusion into the cockpit.
A problem of being able to fit that hazard into this incident is that after a 350 kt impact with a mountain, whatever might have led to a leak is probably beyond forensic analysis due to kinetic damage/destruction.
Beyond that, the fumes hypothesis does not seem to explain entering a descent and locking others out of the cabin, does it?

If it does, how does it?
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