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crash survivable memory unit

[QUOTE=Vinnie Boombatz;8927825]@oldoberon, 31 Mar 2015 at 09:37 --

There are a variety of recorder models and manufacturers.
"The SSFDR's crash survivable memory unit (CSMU) provides for complete data recovery when subjected to the crash conditions stipulated in ED-55 and ED-56a: Impact Shock 3400G, 6.5 milliseconds . . . "

Electronics is my game. Looking at diagrams of CVR's and FDR's they have a number of sub assemblies in a sheet metal housing. The memory module, or "crash survivable memory unit" (thanks Vinnie) is the part that matters after a crash. It's armored in a cylindrical stainless steel casing, and being heavy, it COULD be torn from the other parts of the recorder, but I think it unlikely that it was destroyed. It may be imbedded in the mountainside, covered by a slide, or it may have flown or rolled some distance, but I believe they will find it. I have read that "part of the FDR has been found", but have also read a denial, that NO part of it has been found. Talk of the memory card "flying out" seems like BS, that "crash survivable memory unit" is very rugged, designed to withstand impact, fire, and submersion. I think someone heard "memory unit" and pictured the SD card in their camera or phone instead of a stainless steel cylinder.
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