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The references to a "SIM" card is obviously wrong; it would be a microSD card that contains the video and I would also say that it is highly probable that there will be a couple of recordings extracted since it is logical that a couple of passengers shot video with their devices.

I think the first videos where being shot when it became evident to those on the forward rows that there was a problem, i.e. when the captain was unable to get back to the flight deck.

To me, it is logical to assume the existence of video recordings of the take-off, initial climb, perhaps some climb-out and then a couple of several minutes long ones of the descent, which can be synchronized with the CVR.

The content of those recordings will be pretty obvious with a focus on the captain trying to get back in, worried passengers, perhaps even passengers trying to assist the captain and PA callouts from the cabin crew, which I think is probable) and then screams and praying when it became evident that the aircraft was descending into the mountains. If someone "fake" a recording, I am afraid that the "fake" won't be far off the true content of such recordings.

I would also bet on at least 10 recordings if not more made by different passengers (we can simply assume that most people on this flight had a phone with decent camcorder).

The timeline stated in the article about "13,000 feet" is obviously wrong and is the result of journalistic twisting. I would assume that there will be a combination of radio altimeter "one thousand feet", "five hundred" and "one hundred" callouts paired with the GPWS warnings even if I haven't seen any source mentioning it.

I wouldn't be surprised of some of the video recordings will leak out and end up on YouTube and/or other sharing sites, especially when a couple of videos are recovered.

Edit: The heavy "shake" mentioned in the article indicates that there was an initial impact before the aircraft hit the mountain. I can't remember seeing anything about such an event and it must be some wreckage there then.

From the pictures, I got the impression that the A320 hit the mountain ridge close to the top and disintegrated with everything "raining" down from above. We are extremely lucky that the CVR survived even if its release should have been managed in a different way.
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