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This company is at a crossroads. If they want to be successful they need to have the employees on their side. As of now, they do not which is evident by the number of people leaving. Some suggestions to fix the issues on the pilot end of things:

1. Remove the jealous engineer who is now in charge of pilots. Split his role and on the pilot side replace the engineer with a pilot who actually understands rostering issues and fatigue commensurate with the type of flying we are doing.

2. Bring the OT threshold down to 80 hours and reduce pilot scheduling to an average of 80 hours per month. The current threshold is unsustainable for long haul flying/back side of the clock flying.

3. Remove the manual insertion monkeys from rostering and actually train them to maximize our vacation and do the best they can for our quality of life......rather than the opposite that is happening now such as spitefully throwing on a turn around the day before vacation starts.

4. Remove ALL arbitrary non-regulatory rules from the bidding system including but not limited to:

-max 7 days off in a row
-maximum of 3 trips to the same destination in a month
-and many others too numerous to list.
-basically, if its legal, let us do it.....stop over-controlling everyone. People will be more happy to work if you allow them to go where they want.

ADD the following:

-ability to swap into productivity knowing that you will not be paid for it.
-4 day string of pre-assigned off days in a reserve month.
-If a trip is removed from your roster during a non-reserve month, by 6pm the night before the trip was originally to start, you must be either assigned a trip or OFF days for the rest of the footprint of the trip...no more reserve periods for non reserve months.
-Daily credit of 4 hours per vacation day
-Daily credit of 5 hours per day of ground duty.
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