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Yes, we ARE accountable!

Flying my A320 in and out of LHR I knew and accepted that my every move was recorded.

There was one time when, due to an expeditious arrival at LHR (i.e. no Holding, but straight in from an embarrassing height and speed), I slightly exceeded a maximum flap deployment speed in my effort to get rid of speed and height. I knew I'd done it. I also knew that it would inevitably be highlighted in the download of the aircraft's day's flying. The only method of defence was 'attack'. And that was to phone the Training Captain in charge of the Flight Safety department as soon as I'd landed and confess that I'd had "a problem".

Honesty was always the best option because you'll be found out anyway.

The important point is, I had absolutely no difficulty with the fact that that my every move was recorded. This was invaluable in building up a picture of each pilot's performance and identifying which airports regularly presented difficulties for arriving pilots. Nice was a prime example.

There are some areas in life where we operate very much in the public domain and are publicly accountable and with good reason.

I know this doesn't add much to the extremely sad scenario of GW 4U9525, but I do want to highlight the degree to which pilots are and need to be publicly accountable for every action when airborne.
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