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On an unrelated note, I was pleased to read recently that there is at least one union, the SDA in SA, that seems willing to compromise on "entitlements" as part of a sensible conversation with industry on the new award.

Penalty rates are being drastically cut or removed entirely in exchange for a marginally increased base hourly rate, among other alternative entitlements such as the right to have every second weekend off work.

I'm sure it hasn't gone down well for some people but I much prefer seeing this kind of cooperation between employers and unions, which will ultimately result in better business for all.
I thought so too, chuboy. Penalty rates are a real blight here in the home state oif the SDA, and I thought it was good news, although I did wonder why the SDA had actually instigated teh move. Then I read an article by Grace Collier in the Australian on 25/3/15:

Yesterday we read about a historic “deal” to cut penalty rates, made between a union and an employer group. A template enterprise agreement is allegedly going to help small businesses in the South Australian retail sector, provided both the business and their employees agree to adopt it. This document is dangerous and any small business would be extremely foolish to adopt it.

The EBA template is a misleading marketing exercise. Both organisations, with low membership rates and fading relevance, are jointly promoting the template as a means of inserting themselves into and earning income from, a sector that doesn’t currently have much to do with them.

Both organisations have something to gain financially, if the template is adopted across the small business sector and the sector is unionised as a result.
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