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Originally Posted by dicks-airbus View Post
From an anonymous comment on avherald:

CVR data has been read. It seems structural failure (windshield? not determined yet)..It was quick... sound of cracks,but crew initiated emergency descent by autopilot and then they weren't heard anymore. Autopilot was on during whole descent, but disconnected automatically shortly before impact when GPWS alerts appeared.
Here we go again - sets of 'experts' listening to noises and trying to ascertain what went wrong and who did what. All the potential evidence was destroyed by a 375Kt collision with a rock face.

A workhorse airliner could have a fault that has demonstrably incapacitated a crew and led to the loss of life of all on board, yet because management pilot relations are so untrusting there is no simple video recording to show what went wrong.
So let's hope those SME's can identify what the failure was from the noise. Or all the A-319 - 321 series, of that vintage at least, may be flying with a problem.
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