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Originally Posted by Monarch Man View Post
RBS, in order for that kind of management model to work there would need to be a few things changed around here. 1. An entire cultural change to the ethos, i.e staff matter 2. Open and honest non-jeopardy communication, not just paying lip service to it. i.e. You raise a genuine objection, 6 months later you are "resigned" for another "unrelated" matter. 3. A review and removal of the nepotism in the various "empires" masquerading as internal departments. 4. Personal accountability based on defined performance, not nationality. 5. About 50 other things as well. Will never happen at EK.
I know that only too well. Could only be possible if it was driven from the very top.
So, as you say, ain't gonna happen. But, you know, dreaming is free!
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