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Quote: ORAC
has the USA lost its way for design and overseas sales?

A12, B-2, F-22, RAH-66, F35. When was the last great seller, even the C-17?

Ken V

Hmmm, the F-35 has sold incredibly well "overseas".
The F-15, F-16 and F/A-18 are no slouches in the international market.
The P-8 is also doing well on the international market.
The latest version of the Apache is also doing well, as is the Chinook.
And the V-22 looks poised to do the same.
And considering that in the past no one but the USA and Russia bought strategic transports, the C-17 has done EXCEPTIONALLY well, selling even to nations with zero strategic military capabilities or even aspirations.

And the F-22 and B-2 were never going to be exported, so they're a bit of a red herring in this context.
Agree, not sure what axe ORAC is trying to grind. Lots of good examples of export success. How about we take a look at European fighter export success?

Might I add to the success column:
H-60 in numerous versions
Several Bell Helo's
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