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KenV should be careful of confusing one operator's definition of FOC with another's.
I'm was making no such comparison. I was pointing out that "operationally using" a system is way way different than having a fully developed and operational system, regardless of the nation's definition for "operational".

a lot of peopel have put down bits of paper saying they MIGHT buy a lot but the actual sales aren't startling yet.
It's rather difficult to have "startling sales" of a fighter that is barely in low rate initial production. And the F-35 has more commitments (including billions in investments) than any other fighter in history at this stage of development/production. So yeah, it's doing well marketing-wise. Arguably better than any other fighter in history. Indeed, the F-35 has been downselected for purchase by more nations than the Typhoon and Rafael combined. Just that fact that the Air Force, Navy AND Marines have bought it speaks volumes about how well it has been marketed.

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