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Part 145 MOS Guidance Material

For those interested here is the actual Part 145 Guidance material. Its a short document and a 2 minute read will show clearly how the amendments CASA made to the CASR Part 145 MOS were completely contradictory. Bear in mind that this Guidance material is STILL CURRENT!

MOS GM 145.A.30 (f) — Specialist Maintenance Certifying Employee
The provision that permits authorisation of specialist maintenance employees as certifying employees with specialist maintenance qualifications does not replace the requirement for Part 66 (or equivalent) maintenance certification licence holders, for the performance of maintenance or maintenance certification for maintenance that could normally be carried out by that individual.

The intent of a Maintenance Certification made for the Specialist Maintenance task is to provide assurance that the Specialist Maintenance was carried out to the standards required.

Specialist Maintenance personnel are trained and qualified in the specialist field and may not have a holistic understanding of the interrelationship of an aircraft’s systems, or airworthiness implications, such that a Maintenance Certification Licence holder should have. For this reason, the Maintenance Certification for Specialist Maintenance work will only be for the scope of the specialist maintenance and is not intended to cover work normally performed and certified for by a Part 66 Maintenance Certification Licence holder who is a Certification Authorisation holder. Additionally the AMO may not authorise an employee to issue a CRS predicated on the Specialist Maintenance qualification.

Following Specialist Maintenance tasks, where an airworthiness determination is to be made regarding an aircraft, such an airworthiness determination and related Maintenance Certification should be made by the holder of an appropriate Part 66 Maintenance Certification Licence who is a Certification Authorisation holder, based on the Specialist Maintenance results and ICA including Maintenance Data.

Following the performance of a Maintenance Certification for Specialist Maintenance a CRS must be issued by an appropriately licensed and authorised Certifying Employee in accordance with CASR Part 42.
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