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No he started I didn't he did....mum tell him!!

I didn't miss the point I don't think. I read exactly what you said, but being told on a forum that 'if' he get's a contract he'll almost certainly get offered a permanent contract once it's up, is as valuable as the piece of paper it isn't written on - if it doesn't happen.

Knowing jack all about Flybe myself, I can't understand why couldn't you both agree without said night-spot beer, that if you join on a contract on the jet you could/should keep the jet and get a permanent contract once it's up (as proven I think by the path LSM took), but you can't join as a DEP directly employed by Flybe on the jet from day 1 and bypass the seniority lists etc (that Deano has stacks of files proving). Isn't that what you're both saying, and neither of you is wrong?

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