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I used to do a lot of film work. A film crew who sat down with company and pilot(s) a few weeks before a job and planned it thoroughly always earned my respect. The ones that always worried me were the spur of the moment guys, and the BBC were by far the worst. Little or no brief (programme always secret) Thinking they could magic arm a camera somewhere on the outside with no concept of airflow, wanting formation flying or something a little daring with pax on board. One bright spark turned up with a Robbo 44 with the doors off to film close formation with me in a 109E over central London, the Robbo pilot had never flown formation in his 350 hours and the director thought we were wimps (and voiced it loudly to the film crew) when we told him what he wanted was both stupid and illegal and that the clearances to make it legal would take weeks.

Another director decided to reduce the separation between my disc and a boom camera to about 8 inches despite me briefing the operator to stay a good three feet off. Eventually I shut down, called her boss and asked him at what point in my life she had been given charge of my safety. Later that day she became even more stupid, I flew straight back to base and filed an MOR on her behaviour. I understand she was quite miffed when she was sacked that evening. two days later we finished the job with an absolutely superb director.

Filming, like marriage should never be undertaken lightly. Both can really screw you up.

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