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Problem with Math or units?

On page 63 of the Factual Information Report the loadsheet is published with TOW 223469 (Kg?) and TOF 49100 (Ltr or KG?)

On page 64 we have 5 ACARS reports containing the following numbers:
time/ altitude / GW / TotFW /
1641:34 / 10300 / 492520 Kg / 49200 kg
1651:43 / 21193 / 486240 kg / 46500 kg
1706:43 / 35000 / 480600 kg / 43800 kg

The original printout is on page 65.

If my math is still worth a bit, than the GW over the period of time reduced from 1641:43 to 1706:43 by 11920 kg, while the TOTFW reduced only by 5400 kg?

If the fuel is in the same units on the loadsheet as on the ACARS report, than they had more fuel at 10.000 feet than on takeoff.

Could it be, that despite the name factual report they do not have their facts together and the GW in the ACARS report is in lbs and the fuel in Liters?
The GW in the ACARS report is more than double of the TOW, and more than max allowed TOW, maybe the loadsheet GW is in KG ?

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