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I've just read all the ATC transcripts in the report.

The lack of action and confusion as the events unfolded would be comical if not so serious. All concerned appeared as "rabbits in the headlights" and thus laid down protocols went out of the window.

Why did the Vietnamese wait over 15 minutes before querying the Malaysians as to the location of MH370?

Why did ATC not declare an "uncertainty phase" as per their own laid down procedures?

Why was "aircraft overdue" not declared 30 minutes after the IGARI estimate?

When MAS ops failed to get a response to their ACARS messages what did they hear when they called the aircraft via Satfone? Was it ringing, busy or unavailable?

When they called again a few hours later what did they hear? And, by then, were the SAR team aware MAS ops were able to try to call the aircraft.

More questions than answers I'm afraid...
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