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Hello. I have a request for more Inmarsat data.

I want to give my own calculations based on the BTO and BFO datapoints posted by Inmarsat a shot. As we know, some of the individual values make little sense. And the diagrams of how the data is collected contain some black boxes just saying "compensation", which could really mean anything. What kind of "compensation" has been done to the data before making a record? Is that reliable? Is that compensation that is predictable enough to undo to maybe correct errors? I imagine whoever programmed that system didn't have in mind that it would later be used to locate a plane based on less than a dozen datapoints and no other information.

What I would like to have is the same set of data for BTO and BFO as we have for MH370, but for a flight that proceeded normally (and hence we know where it actually was for any given value pair).

Is that available anywhere? Any random flight would do, but obviously it would be nice to have something that proceeded at about the same distance from the recording satellite.
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