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That's quite an accusation, flynerd, and quite wrong. I have had numerous events of the "sock smell", which is oil passing through the aircon system. I have had one significant event, odourless, where the cabin crew and passengers were affected but not us in the cockpit. The cabin crew had symptoms which would be consistent with CO poisoning or hypoxia, though neither was the case, and within ten minutes of a midday take off, 80% or so of the 160ish pax were asleep; distinctly not normal. We diverted into one of the London airports and the crew were sent for arterial blood tests. However, the hospital only looked for CO levels as they (and the crew) had no knowledge of aerotoxic syndrome. So, I know first hand that this is a very real issue. Evidently, there was a contamination event in the right pack, but not the left that feeds the cockpit.

To my knowledge, I have no ill effects of the exposures I've had, but how would I know? Many of the issues I and others attribute to ageing and fatigue could be, at least in part, a reaction to these compounds. Neither do I have any desire to stop flying, at least for the foreseeable future.

Best that a proper study is conducted to find out that continue with a suspected issue, no?

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