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There are many VOCs given off by the plastics in seats and cabin trim and the various adhesives used. These will vary as the fittings in the aircraft age are repaired and replaced, and may be more apparent in aircraft at 8000ft pressure than they would be testing for them on the ground.
Hmmmm. Numerous studies have shown that the adhesives, paints, plastics, etc used in homes and building give off far more VOCs and other pollutants than those in aircraft. Further, the atmosphere in an aircraft, unlike a home, is completely exchanged several times per hour, so the pollutants cannot build up. Homes (especially modern "green" homes built to tight thermal standards) have FAR greater VOC concentrations and air pollution than aircraft. And even greater than most polluted city air.

Some people are extremely sensitive to some compounds - people with peanut allergies can be affected by nuts just in the same room.
Glad you brought that up. Several years ago airlines stopping serving peanuts for that very reason. Yet, they are serving peanuts again!! How can that be? Simple. First, the risk itself was overblown. Second, the high air exchange rate in pressurized aircraft make even the small risk vanishingly smaller.
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