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The scant few official studies have been tiny and carried out by authorities with the same attitude and vested interests as KenV, with a coverup the outcome.
Define 'official study'. Who counts as an official? Because it sounds like in your mind anyone who is an official has a vested interest. Handy, it means you can automatically discount all their work.
TCP decomposes at between 80 and 90oC, bleed air temperatures are in excess of 200.
Prove it. All the documentation I can find suggests that TCP degrades above ~300C.
For example:
The small sample in Germany (six aircraft, I believe) that was referred to was done by German media. They arguably have an interest in a crisis story, so it is debatable how unbiased their study was too, but I recall they detected organophosphates on all six aircraft, including new A320s and 737s.
You would detect organophosphates standing outside the aircraft too - they're in the atmosphere anyway.
As has been said multiple times already in this thread: It's not the detection that's important, it's the amount that's detected and - to my knowledge - no harmful amounts have been detected in a correctly functioning aircraft. If you have actual proof of harmful levels of TCP/organophosphates (i.e: Not just hearsay or journalist talk) then please post it.
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