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A serious question to the naysayers: modern FTL schemes are meant to ensure crew are fit and rested, but reported fatigue and certainly the general complaints about it are rising. Yes, a lot of us are working slightly more hours than in the past, but a lot of us aren't, so is it not implausible that what a lot of us consider to be fatigue is in fact, at least in part, due to repeated low level exposure to these neurotoxins? I bet a sensitive search on any pilot with regular flight over a year will show positive results.

Prober, it's interesting that there was a specific trend for fume occurrences. I have noticed the same thing on the 737NG between 5k and 8k, again at idle thrust with the same dirty socks smell, and only just rarely during take off.

The trouble is that the industry refuse to fit any kind of detection equipment, which means that pilot reports are largely ignored as frivolous or false. I'm sure that is not an accident. Fit an exposure indicator, similar to the CO detector dots in light piston aircraft, and it'd be there for all to see and undeniable by engineering and management.
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