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Nemrytter im not sure where the doubt with you lays.
The doubt lies in whether a problem even exists here.
There needs to be proper, unbiased, scientific investigations into the chemicals present in cabin air. All the studies (that I can find) so far have said that toxic chemicals are either not detectable or are present in such small quantities as to be non-harmful. The only exception - to my knowledge - was one datapoint on one flight that was conducted with a damaged engine. On that flight the concentration was high enough to pose a problem if the crew/pax had been subject to long term exposure.

These studies have all been rather limited in scope, though. Hence why we need a proper peer-reviewed investigation into this. I mean this in the nicest possible way but hearsay and comments like "lol it even says so on the container" are unhelpful. They skew perception and do not present a true picture of what we're experiencing.

Anyway, I think we can both agree that this needs to be investigated further.
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