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Legal implications

Legal implications can be massive for airliners and manufacturers.
This is why, at this stage, I do not trust anybody except the victims, the ones who have died or became seriously ill have been kept out of the media attention for many years.
When there is a massive amount of money involved we all must be extremely aware of the risks of manipulation, ranging from testing stage to final statistical results. This is a fact.
This syndrome could become a huge issue especially from a legal and financial compensation point of view. Money involved here is well beyond our imagination.
I only know that there is a real problem, not affecting 100% of occupants, true, but despite % and stats aircraft air contamination remains a problem which can be easily fixed.
I genuinely believe that those pilots who have suffered from serious health issues (including death) linked to this syndrome are not "making it up or being exaggerated" , they are real cases proving that there is a tangible aerotoxic problem.
For too long the authorities have tried to ignore this problem. Successfully until now.
Media attention is quickly changing this trend. A bit late, as usual but a significant improvement.

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