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I surely don't need to remind you of the nonsense of car testing to produce the artificial figures for MGP and emissions for new cars? You know, the ones where alternators are disconnected, doors taped up, engines heat-soaked overnight, all excess weight stripped out, even heavy standard equipment that is needed for ACTUAL driving, just to get a good figure for the brochure - figures that you and I can never match. in the real world.
Thats called functional testing, most testing is done to a specific standard so they can be compared correctly by professionals. Deciphering the actual results can be hard if you are not sure what parasitic loads have been removed.

At the end of the day, the testing is about consistency, why? because everything and every one is different in how they drive. It is a well known placebo phenomena when putting all those shonky save you some miles gadgets on your car. Likewise when dynoed they are usually bullsh!t.

For example, do you have the alternator disconnected when testing, of course you do, why, consistency. Why does it matter, it pulls a lot of power at times, state of the battery, aircondtioner, lights on, off etc.

The key thing to remember about the air issue is, differentiating a failure from well functioning system. There is no doubt that some of the stuff is toxic, but at what levels and in a perfectly good functioning system is it an issue? Then you factor in wear, and then a failure, Hence the statistics end up low, and hence the risk factor is low.
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