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Fd Talent Pool

There are several things about this talent pool that are very surprising and disappointing, and clearly prove mismanagement on part of this airline. They put too much emphasize on type rated pilots, without acknowledging that there are other major important factors that makes a good pilot; their total time, PIC time, CRM skills, leadership skills, their adaptability, decision making, and basically the overall package that the pilot offers. Everything is left out and type rating became the main issue! Despite the fact that they provide training for their airplanes, I don't understand why lack of TR is a problem? I know this, because, I know 6 other people in the pool, that are highly skilled pilot, but don't have TR, and the airline called low time pilot with TR. This is not such a poor airline in Middle East or Africa with a poor training facility desperate to hire type rated pilots to cut costs! This airline like Emirates hired lots of non type rated pilot including captains in the past, trained them, and they are part of their pilot group now, and this was done when the airline was not even in such an advanced state as it is today. By keeping this pilot on hold and hiring outside people, they are damaging their reputation, which is really hard to repair. As they are thinking hiring those pilots was a mistake, what they are doing now will be their tomorrow's mistake, since they will lose/already lost many of those qualified pilots, that they spend a lot of resources and money to interview them! Please make better decisions in the future!
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