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Apology, apology, I wonder if I've heard anything in regard to Munich...
Seems to me that you want to have your cake and eat it. If the UK had declared war on Germany in 1938 in support of Czechoslovakia, it would have been as much use to that country as it was a year later to Poland, and it would have probably sealed its own fate into the bargain. As it was that extra year meant that
Even if we were left alone we were supposed to fight.
and we did, and we survived, and we helped defeat the tyranny that enslaved Europe. Of course, like Poland, Czechoslovakia then became enslaved by another tyranny and for that apologies might be in order. But for 1938? Not in my book.

The point about war, as has been said here by others, is to win. That was Churchill's stated aim even in the darkest hour and in the final analysis the aim was achieved, despite mistakes, despite betrayals, despite the bleating of pacifist Canons. If you accuse us of dishonourable conduct, that is you prerogative, but your solution would have probably meant a Reich Protector still being in residence in Prague Castle.
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