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One A320 simulator training syllabus included setting up the aircraft for practice stall recovery with ALT LAW.
The high altitude part was conducted clean at 25,000 ft. Hardly "high altitude"I would say.. The next was conducted first at 12,000 ft clean and then in the landing configuration at the same altitude. Nothing in the syllabus about IMC or VMC. To be realistic it should be in IMC where manual instrument flying skills would form part of the practice.

In view of recent loss of control events in Airbus aircraft which happened around 35,000 ft or above, it could be argued that stall recovery practice in the simulator should be conducted at that altitude or higher. After all that is where the accidents started.

Practicing a stall recovery at 12,000 ft in the landing configuration seems a trifle illogical since very few airports taking jet transports are that high. It would be more logical to conduct a landing configuration stall recovery on short final since recovery requires minimum loss of height for obvious reasons. As most pilots are aware, stall recovery technique is entirely different at high cruise altitudes compared to (say) 800 ft agl when the aircraft is in the landing configuration.
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