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Wizzair Warsaw Open Day 05 February 2015

It appears there is no thread regarding the recent Pilot Recruitment Open Day organised by Wizzair in Warsaw, Poland, on the 5 th of February 2015.

I went there and was in the waiting of the promised mail to let candidates know whether or not they were going to be invited for the selection process in Budapest.

I received this non-personally addressed mail today, indicating me (and other candidates "Dear Applicants") I am not considered for the selection process on this occasion.

I do think it would be very interesting to know what kind of profiles other candidates who were there had and to discover who among us was retained for going to Budapest.

I my case, hereunder is my profile:
> 31 years old
> French citizen
> A320 type rated, current, no experience on type (except the base training)
> Overall flight experience: 1800 hours, mainly performed in aerial work missions and flight instructions on SEP aircraft under VFR flight rules.

Please guys, let us know what is your profile, indicating the same items that I did and tell us whether you are or not considered for the selection.

On behalf of all of us, thank you very much in advance.
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