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FBW aircraft and severe weaher penetration

Are FBW aircraft more susceptible to stalling when flying in severe weather? If so should it not be mandated that FBW pilots be given stall recovery training in the actual plane as part of base training as obviously sim training even if level D sim..hasn't been adequate. To ensure stall recovery in real flying.It can be practiced in clear weather but with certain simulated faults (system off..such as AOA and some probe heating off and remain with only the ISIS for reference to purposely disorientate the student but with Instructor able to view flt parameters and how the student is recovering.
I reckon it won't be long before we have another irrecoverable stalling accident by FBW aircraft flying through some ITCZ or other severe weather..if nothing is changed in training methodology. unless perhaps Airbus designs a STALL recovery button that works independently based purely on accelerometers and GPS..and when executed will retard thrust and auto pitch down like stick pusher and when speed builds up(based on GPS determined speeds do an auto recovery.Surely after designing a sophisticated FBW systen this should be simpler to design and incorporate by comparison?

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