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How do you define "oldies"?*Apparently 20'000 hours did not help in this incident:

Flybob explained the advantages of experience and wisdom that come with it succinctly.Try and put a compliment of two non experienced modern pushbutton automation SOP regurgitating robotic crew in a cockpit with no experienced hat supervising their oeration and a severe abnormality cocks up! Something similar or worse than AF447 might transpire. Where experience comes in is how it can reason with thise SOP and know when it is wiser to deviate from them to be able to save the day..and have the confidence and executive powers to implement the judgement effectively...and. if you ask the youg lad or lass on the side they might be so out of the loop in catching up to what's going on...it makes them even wonder if they are qualified enough to be sitting in that flight deck!Most likely the Captain has to explain through the actions to bring the youngster upto speed.
Whoever quotes KLM/Pan Am accident..it was a concoxion of various causal factors amongst which admitedly the KLM Capt was one of them.Missed radio communication and foul weather with incorrect ATC phraseology all played a part..both KLM PanAm and the Tower made mistakes that day and the swiss cheese was penetrated.
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