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Understand both, FlyingStone & Syntax Error but let me tell You what I think:

Sintax Error maybe is direct but that's the true....

Flyingstone, understand you too, and agree with some fact, but we still in EU, we don't have to sell our soul just to grab a shinny righ hand seat jet!! with such condition and minimum rest with no life.

Me too was looking times ago a place where to fly in EU but with just few, very few, choices , which were more than worste I decided to go far away, cross the Atlantic in 3d country, but at least I have a great contract, good roster, good money and I come back home every 2 month

I didn't spent all the money involved for my Pilot Training to come at the end working in such companies, and then find myself still paying for my house abroad, return tickets and so on
Volotea, Small planet, Wizzair, Ryanair, Vueling and so on, are the worst companies to work for as x contract, not because they born like that, but cause they find people who help them to be like that!
And....the future will be worst and worst!

Everyone has the right to choose what is best ...
and each of us has the strength to be able to change this industry in our favor for a better FUTURE

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