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If you go there, and you are a commuter, which you will be regardless for long period even if from east europe, you will have NO life, the company will OWN YOU
Well, it's a choice each individual has to make. Nowhere does it says you must commute, however if you wish to do so, certainly one would think hard and make a plan before applying for a job like this. And if you decide to commute, there must be some positive sides of it as well - life is full of compromises, you can't have a 50k/month salary, drinking tequilas on the beach and flying only when you feel like doing so...

Constantly call you in your rest time, days off, and cancel agreed holidays, they will adjust your Flight times/rest times, so you will be legal when they need you, but if you want something they will tell you they can't make personal requests for crews life, only if it is in interest for the company.
Ever tried commuting contracts (4+ weeks on) with 24 hour notice to some not-so-nice countries on this planet? Regularly using 10 hours rest periods, just because your home base is nominated at your permanent residence?

Yes true, pilots flying when sick, when dead tired, it's simple, pass 10.000 ft, and one crew goes into controlled rest, next sector next crew goes into controlled rest!
And what do you think happens when you fly 5 consecutive nights with 4 sectors? Everybody awake and chatting all night, because they always get such good rest during the day?

So yes sure it probably are worse companies, but if this is the way you set the standards, I would rather not work for a company that is worse!
I agree. What you fail to understand is that not everybody starts this career in a legacy carier with a union and you just have to work your way up the ladder the best you know how. Somebody that spent their first 1000 hours flying SEP, Wizz is probably a dream job - a stepping stone that provides a good career outlook. On the other hand, I can't see anybody in their right state of mind would give up seniority in LH or BA to go fly for Wizz Air - unless they are really desperate to get the upgrade ASAP.

One should make realistic expectations when joining a new company - you cannot expect Wizz Air or any other LCC for that matter to have T&Cs from "the golden age of aviation", but it gives you good flying hours, good training and opportunity for a fast upgrade. As I said - there are compromises to be made with everything in life, including your job.
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