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LIVE telecast from the scene. They showed a lot of people getting luggage out of the back section but the front section remained submerged. Some divers are working the front section of the aircraft. But the passengers in that section of the plane are believed to have died. Some 30 remain missing and are believed to be in the front of the aircraft according to the spokesman.

The spokesman further said that they are waiting for cranes to lift the front part of the aircraft.

28 people were rescued but at least 12 are DOA at the hospital. Two were children and 25 were adults. The children are believed to be alive.
Of the 12 dead, 6 of them were found drifting down the river , away from the fuselage.

Currently awaiting heavy lift cranes to lift the front fuselage. Some passengers believed to be still trapped in the back section as well. They are trying to free them.

One more person rescued from fuselage but DOA, bringing the count up to 29 persons pulled from the wreckage .

Helicopters searching downstream for any signs of more bodies. Unsure how many are still trapped in the front and how many are drifting down river.

edit: they plan to lift the fuselage. A large crane has arrived on scene.
Divers said visibility under water is very bad and they do not want to enter the fuselage (with good reason).

A net has been set up downstream to catch any bodies flowing past.

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