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I can't stand it anymore, I have to speak up. 37 pages of dribble. What ever happened to the concept of PIC...the C meaning Command. One of my first instructors, a WW2 vet, said to me as a 16 year old. " Boy, No damn checklist, ops manual, SOPS, regulations etc" replaces the 2 lbs of grey matter between your ears.

Dispatching to a remote island with only a non precision approach, at night.

An island that is known by anyone with a SPL for changeable weather,

Not carrying every last drop of fuel the tanks can carry.

Poor route selection in the first place, could have gone to Noumea instead, precision approach there.

Not getting a minute by minute update on the weather en route, especially when the weather was worse that forecast on the outbound trip.

Being told the cloud is OVC or BKN at 200agl prior to TOD, yet still chancing an approach. Knowing that to make an approach is likely to paint yourself into a corner with not enough fuel to divert.

Can a patient really be that sick to open up all the above risk factors. Could they not have waited 3 hrs so they had daylight to help with the approach?

You can have all the fancy safety systems, flow charts, ops manuals etc etc and oversight you like. None of this over rules sound judgment and common sense.
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