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FYI only No guarantees.

Sunfish - Slats is on the money, timing matters. I would appreciate help in constructing the exact timeline because I think there is something here that stinks to high heaven.
18 November
2009: Ditching 3 NM south-west of Norfolk Island Aerodrome,

18 November
2009 ATSB notified of accident and ATSB subsequently notify CASA. The ATSB decide to carry out an investigation and CASA decide to run a parallel investigation, which was initiated on 19 November. Pel-Air voluntarily suspend their Westwind operation.

26 November 2009: CASA initiate a ‘Special Audit’ which was conducted between the 26/11/2009- 15/12/2009 at the Pel-Air Bases in Sydney, Adelaide and Nowra.

7 December
2009: Audit team meet with Pel-Air management to discuss a number of deficiencies within the Westwind Operation. This was backed up by correspondence from CASA on 9/12/2009.

16 December 2009 CASA accept the Pel-Air ‘Management Action Plan’ which consisted of three phases.

18 December 2009 Pel-Air successfully completed Phase 1 items and were able to recommence domestic operations.

23-24 December 2009: CASA overseeing FOI of Pel-Air Eric Demarco issues 14 RCA and a number of AO. The RCA needed to be acquitted by 28/01/2010.

24 December 2009 Pel-Air successfully completed Phase 2 items and were able to recommence international operations.

8 January
2010 CASA issue 7 more RCA and several more AO, not signed by team members - Roger Chambers the Audit Coordinator signature appears on all.

3 February
2010 Video conference meeting between the ATSB and CASA to discuss critical safety issue.

12 February 2010 Mr R White ALIU Manager contacts Mr Michael Watson the ATSB ‘investigator in charge’ (IIC) to request a supporting letter that described the critical safety issue.

26 February 2010 Mr Sangston Director of Aviation Safety Investigations writes to Mr White addressing the critical safety issue with the requested supporting documentation.

20 March
2010 CASA internal e-mail that highlighted a 50:50 split within the CASA inspectorate on when to divert to an alternate.

26 March
2010 Mr White and CASA initial response to critical safety issue.

15 June
2010 ATSB receive e-mail from Pel-Air detailing actions taken in response to CASA Special Audit.

21 July
2010 CAIR 09/3 completed.

13 January
2012 ATSB issue preliminary report AO-2009-072.

26 March 2012 Mr Sangston approves Final Report draft release to the directly involved parties (DIP) for comment on its factual accuracy. Comments were requested from DIP by 23 April 2012.

4 July
2012 The ATSB requested a copy of the CASA special audit report under a section 32 notice. A copy of the report was received on 9 July 2012.

16 August
2012 ATSB Commission approve s25 release of Final Report AO-2009-072 and officially reclassify the ‘safety issue’ to minor.

30 August 2012 ATSB Final Report AO-2009-072 released.
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