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I think "time in country" is just as important as it ever was Craving More, as you say the infrastructure hasn't really improved over the years.

I think the problem is that some operators (including the one I work for) don't want to pay for that experience. Without wanting to drift too far off topic many of the contracts in PNG require the Captain of a light twin turbine for example to have an ATPL, 1000's of hours TT, twin turbine command time, ME command time, time on contract type and of course time in country.

Once an individual reaches these requirements he/she is usually ready to move on up the greasy pole (quite understandably) and so the cycle continues of companies having to scratch about looking for suitably qualified people to crew these contracts. However if companies were willing to pay for the experience that is required they would have a core group of pilots who were more than happy to remain in these roles. This in turn amongst other things would cost the company less in training, arguably improve safety, provide a stable roster, improve morale and increase productivity.

Hopefully PX management will realise this before more damage is done.....I am less hopeful about one or two of the other companies in PNG.
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