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Ok got that.....I think, well maybe not....

If ATC rattle off a STAR without pre-emption and it has happened once or twice, invariably I will ask for a repeat if there is any doubt about what I heard due to being busy with something else at the time. The courtesy heads up works for me.

Is the IFR taxi report pre-emption I give the same principal as you suggested for the STAR or is one or both now redundant.

Most of the CTAF's I use are below Centre reception level so HF is used, what is the protocol here? I am certain a non pre-empted taxi call would often step on someone else or due the poor quality of HF need repeating.

As an aside it also appears apparent that my movements are not known to the Flight Watch troops when I call in. This strikes me as odd as the "system" knows I will leave VHF coverage yet my details don't appear held by Flight Watch. It would seem like common dog to me if they did have a heads up I will be communicating with them.

Where Centre VHF ground coverage does exists it seems plausible I likely may not hear another distance aircraft talking to Centre. To enter straight out of the blue with a full blown taxi report so to speak runs a risk of being missed or stepping on another.

Right or wrong??
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