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Some people get what they request but most don't. The command upgrade will generally see you moved away from your preferential base (if you are in it). This would especially apply to those in the UK & Ireland. It's not a universal policy. If you are in a less popular base you may get to stay. Think Greece, Italy etc

Some can be transferred in a matter of months; some may never. Invariably the people who suspect this will be the case move on. The latest rumour is that the company doesn't want anyone at a base not of their choosing for greater than 24 months. It's only a rumour and as there is no seniority or transfer list there is no way of proving this as policy.

As for a UK base, you are unlikely to get one straight off the bat unless you are joining as DEC I suspect. Then again, who knows? You roll the dice, you take the chances. The Ryanair way when it comes to basing. I do however get the impression that particular individuals are trying to make the base transfer system a little more transparent.

If you are looking to join but need specific bases in order for it to work then id seriously reconsider your options I'm afraid
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