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As an indication of how desperate the PX "thought bubble' management has become,and what their ('the team")attitude is to their pilots right now,yesterday ad placed on


posted 24/1/15 should tell you.
Air Niugini is currently looking for B767 Captains to join the team to be based in Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea

Minimum requirements:

ATP License
3500 hours total time
2500 hours on fixed wing airplanes
Minimum of 1000 hours of Command flight time on Multi Engine Aircraft
100 hours night time

Current PX Flight Adminstration Manual Company required minimums for B767 Command:--
FAM Requirements


Sure there is something not quite legal here , but not sure they care about such trivial details.

The word is they actually have quite a shortage of B767 FOs but no mention of that.

Sad to see the final days of a once proud airline playing out.

Perhaps this thread should be re-titled RIP PX or something, as its all about the waterfall decline of the airline now.

If anyone is considering applying, suggest they contact ,as has been suggested, a PX pilot or two and get the real story on what it is really like living in Moresby these days and get a copy of the contract which will tell you about the bits the current management might somehow forget to tell you.
Don't worry about the pilots trying to put you off, the vast majority of them I'm told , including the experienced National pilots ,are heading for the exits as fast as they can and don't care whether you apply, don't apply, get a job with them or not, they are determined not to be there to suffer through it anyway.

If you think their pay e.g. 46,000 AUD with 48% tax approx (Dash 8 FO salary on the new contract) to "live" most of your roster in a dangerous place like Pt Moresby is a step up, then there's not a lot of hope.
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