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Creamy, with great respect and even a modicum of affection; thank you. It's all a little too late; I will for the sake of 'gentlemanly' conduct – back off. Quite a long way; and, let the gutless, apathetic PPRuNe warriors continue on their merry way to discussing pens for MR, the endless, tedious discussion of changing their agreed terns and conditions for earning a living (after having paid for the privilege), silly rants about Qantas which can never be changed; the pointless ramblings about taxi's at Bankstown while the airport is stolen under their feet. In fact, - Ah, forget it.

The Senate inquiry into the total fiasco that was Pel-Air is slipping away; the Forsyth review is being rendered nugatory as we speak; the Canadian report just so much paperwork. I am no longer certain that the 'industry' can even think for itself let alone operate without Mamma CASA holding it's hand.

PPRuNe used to have a voice - no longer. I ain't quit (unless barred) but a rethink and the use of a truly international audience requires some thought. PPRuNe numbers just don't signify (or seem to matter) when the chips are down. It is a great shame that I must spend even a part of RDO attempting to keep the Senate and it's first class work in front of an industry audience which is part terrified, part brainwashed, part plain dopey: but there it sits.

LL aka TBL again with little to contribute, why not talk to the other 'big iron' drivers' - they all seem to love your wit, insight and advice. Want the post numbers and links? course not. Tip - Toss pot 2/- each way in the third at the local track.

Selah & Toot 'em: – toot 'em all.

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