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Why does it matter so much to you Kharon? If it is so damn important to you start your own website and moderate to your hearts content, or head over to UITA's website and post on that.

But apparently the thread is 'boring', irrelevant, a two man show that no one cares about and is 'static'. I've heard some fine fairy stories in my time, even twiddled a few myself; but the PPRuNe fairy story takes the biscuit. Top marks PPRuNe. Bravo. A total of 1,400,000 views over the two threads parlayed into "Click", you must be so proud....
Not apparently, it was! I think the Mods indulged you for a long time. At least Sarcs put new info up but the constant banter of "choccy frog for you" and "top post K" was as stomach churning as watching an Oprah show with Tom Cruise as the guest.

As to the number of views for all we know that could have been you viewing 11,000 times a week. If you want to see some impressive viewing numbers have a look at the R&N threads on Air Asia AF447 etc.

If you feel your literary or investigative journalistic skills have been stymied well write a book or start your own blog and call it "K Talking". You never know I might even subscribe to it.
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