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"LISTED airline Rex has been unable to explain why it made unprecedented, massive donations to political parties two years ago, at the same time as an investigation into the crash of one of its aircraft was being conducted".

The Asian owners of Pel Air were simply applying long held Asian business principles to make a problem go away.

Whats wrong with that??

Same principles apply here, except the payment is generally after the event not during or before, that way its not defined as corruption.

For example:

Some conspiracy theorists believe that the Murkey Macevillian conspired with a certain Mc Bank to buy up all the GA secondary airports.

Very careful leases were arranged so that additional funds did not have to be allocated for things like state stamp duty, or pesky state EPA approvals.

Little bits and pieces could be hived off to ease the burden of running costs while getting rid of the GA industry so the whole airports could be subdivided, releasing the $$$$'s to enable distribution to everyone involved retirement plans.

The Macevillian then installed a screaming Skull as CEO of a regulator with the prime directive to wipe out GA, in return he would receive a place in a Sociopaths Nivana, chairmanship of a large International institution.

Aww, come on guys, more plausible than some of the M370 theories!!
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