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Denabol –"Ben had the story two days before Steve and managed to avoid mentioning Dolan once."
Agreed, read the piece when it was published and wondered what the canny Sandilands was up to. He has a habit of developing a sound platform, unassailable by 'legal' threat before launching a blockbuster; this due to a natural prudence, respect for his craft and bitter experience. I always get the feeling that Ben writes from solid fact leading the discerning reader to their own informed conclusion, until the story is clear and unimpeachable.

Was the story provided designed to 'smoke out' Dolan? well, the slippery Cready went for it. A rehash of a two day old yarn, salted with a Muppet show script and was only just comparable with the risible SMH fine dining interview. Perhaps it's not GT who is in dire need of the gaffa tape treatment.

"[journos] just reprint whatever crap gets pushed out by CASA, Truss and the airlines."
True dat...

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