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Grudging respect.

Dunno about those numbers Frank, had a quiet chuckle when I saw them, "enthusiastically elasticized" and "fuzzy" were not my first thoughts.

But, pause for a second, perhaps the numbers are 'enthusiastic' because it's the first time, in many years anyone has had to contemplate BK being an operational aerodrome. The mere mention of growth has been taboo for a long while. I believe we may have to upgrade to using Minuscule rather than the diminutive. The unspeakable Albo not only sat on his signing hand when matters aeronautical were on the table, but hid the pen. Now the Minuscule has signed three MP this past week. Don't know if a Choc frog would be considered a bribe?, perhaps if he disclosed it all would be well; but the signing off of three MPs, for whatever reason is a good thing. Thank you....

The question now of course is why, why now?

There are some intriguing theories of course; matters of a financial nature leading the charge. Now if the plot to decimate an industry and 'develop' the aerodromes has failed, someone is going to take a financial bath, a long cold one. The notion of strata title may just warm the water up and save the Commonwealth purse. But someone is going to loose.

Then there are matters referred to ICAC, from which the Minuscule must distance his government. The idea of the murky world of influence and big bucks, under the spotlight may have been persuasive. The Minuscule will not want to be associated with that little dance party, if the music ever starts.

Then of course there are the Archerfield defence corps to contend with. Some experts are predicting a win. The 'legal' arguments are complex and way beyond my grasp, but it seems there is yet another embarrassing 'translation' of law to suit a purpose about to implode. That challenge is still in abeyance, but a betting man could do worse than '10 bob the win' – Archerfield, a win which would seriously influence the betting across the board.

Another subtle, but persuasive force emanates from the Senate. It's not too a long a stretch to believe that the estimates crew are all over the game and intend to return the goal posts to their rightful place. If you extracted from Hansard the questions and answers related to 'airports' and the development of same; you end up with a thick volume and a very, very clear picture of how the good Senators see things. Add in the written questions and it would be truly difficult to deny that the good Senators have earned their keep.

My favourite notion is that our trusty Minuscule has seen the light; and in an epiphany has realised that Albo's CASA is totally beyond salvation, that Albo's ATSB has become an international joke, that Albo's ASA is being milked by very skilled hands; and, that his own department has become the playground of choice for an unsavoury gang of facilitators, clinging to the Albo mantra.

But, any form of progress is welcome and should be encouraged. Those enthusiastic numbers were probably grabbed from fresh air, by a minion with NFI that any forward progress was scheduled, for they were never calculated. Has the Minuscule caught them all with their pants down? – I would love to think so...We'll have to call him Minister then by Golly, now wouldn't that be a fine thing......

Toot – toot....

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