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Importance of locating ocean crashed rapidly

Quite some number of contributors have expressed the opinion that location of wreckage after and ocean accident is not particularly important. These opinions also extend to the relative importance of investigating the primary cause of the incident versus the blow by blow analysis of every aspect.

I think these attitudes are probably statistically appropriate, but they do not accurately reflect the general consensus and policy that has been adopted more or less since the start of aviation.

The statistical chances of surviving ditching in the ocean are very small. Yet, every passenger aircraft has life jackets, rafts, passenger safety briefings and so on. Clearly, it is the intention of the air travel industry to give the passengers at least a reasonable chance of surviving a ditching event.

In those circumstances, I find it extremely difficult to understand why a practical and effective systems to locate ditched or crashed aircraft have not been mandatory for many years. If you survive a ditching you will not survive for long in the ocean without rescue. Surely location is a vital ingredient? In addition, a collateral benefit would be to reduce resources being wasted on SAR.

For those that suggest that it is difficult or impossible to design an effective device for locating an ocean crash site; I would suggest you are as wrong as wrong could be. It would be a simple project even in grade school.

If it is our intention to abandon aircraft and passengers at sea, in the event of ditching, then please remove the emergency safety equipment and stop these pointless passenger safety briefings.
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