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Originally Posted by glendalegoon View Post
someone mentioned clearing the BEANCOUNTERS from responsibility, blaming instead a lack of required standards


Back in the beginning, there were no standards and we learned the hard way what had to be done to keep things safe and assure passengers there was as good a chance to get from A to B on an airliner as on a train, ship, car, or horse.

And they did it.

And then the regulators codified many of those same things.

BUT THEN came the cheapos. IF THE FAA or over seas version hasn't mandated it, then WE DON'T HAVE TO DO IT and can save money.


We have codification not only in transport but currency, food and many other areas of life because there have ALWAYS been 'cheapos', scammers, fraudsters and the rest of them. Don't kid yourself the past is a halcyon period where everyone did everything right without scrimping. Some areas it hurts the pocket, others it has often been lethal - food for example.

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