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I have to agree, chuboy.

I'm a conservative voter and was very relieved when the LNP won the last election, but I'm becoming disillusioned and frustrated with their performance - at least with the perception of their performance given by the media.

At present, I think the media (with the exception of the ABC/Fairfax axis) is reasonably well-disposed to the LNP.

Those in the know say the LNP government is doing much good work that's not reported. If that's the case, why isn't it getting better press? It seems that the government is not selling what good work it's doing, to the press particularly.

While the government is disappointing its supporters (back flipping on changing S 18C of the Racial Discrimination Act, for example) it isn't doing much, if any, damage control to counter the disappointment.

Abbott seems to trust that people will 'do the math' for themselves, and realise what a good outfit he is leading without him having to sell himself or his crew. And if Abbott's failing to convince traditional LNP supporters, how is he going to convince the swinging voters whose votes he needs to stay in government?

I think Abbott's wrong, or at least, poorly advised. Rudd managed to sell a terrible product (himself) by convincing people he had the answers. Gillard simply attacked any opposition.

Abbott is neither selling nor attacking. As a result, a union puppet and sly operator like Shorten is looking like an alternative, when Labor should be in the doghouse for at least the next decade.

Abbott is starting to look spineless - a fatal fault in Australian politics. He needs a kick in the arse. The problem is, he'd probably just turn the other cheek.

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