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andu, my mistake.

It's always interesting to hear the experiences of others. I can't deny that the policy of bumi puteras is inconsistent with what we consider acceptable in the west. Nevertheless, you'll have to forgive my cynicism for your sudden championing for social equality. Take Muslims out of the picture and I doubt anyone here would care all that much. Unless the WASPs still happened to be the oppressed ones

Domestically, yet another phail from Abbott and Co. After the outgoing health minister hospital-passed a ticking bomb to Sussan Ley in the form of a "Medicare cut", we have been treated to a spectacle the populace should be used to seeing by now - that is, outrage in the news media for about 24-48 hours followed by a spectacular reversal from the instigator of some controversial policy or statement.

I'll preempt Ethel's image spamming with one from my own collection. See if you can get the symbolism

Granted, it's a bit subtle if you only speak Australian English...

How about these if the above went over your head?

In all seriousness though, how is anyone supposed to take this government seriously if they have the bark of a guard dog but the bite of a wet lettuce leaf and the tenacity of a startled rabbit? All-in-all they come off about as rock-solid as a sea cucumber, not good when stability was one of the key images the Coalition wanted to project.

Even when back-flipping on undesirable decisions and policies (and there has been plenty of backflipping on promises which the people did want too), the government remains as unpopular as ever - only now they lack credibility as well.

Tony was overwhelmingly voted in off the back of Labor's squabbling and a well-funded media campaign - not because people everywhere liked him or his team - and it's starting to show. The LNP has lost one state election so far and QLD MPs can take nothing for granted. It's not the end of the road yet, but the proof is in the pudding. "One-term Tony" sounds less and less like the enthusiastic chants of Labor supporters every day.
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